The future of EMU: better cooperation on Tax Policy

WHEN: 23.01.2017
WHERE: Jean Monnet Module Managing the EU – Taxation, Economics and Governance
7 Horea Street

Workshop on the future of EMU: better cooperation on Tax Policy

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Business, Universitatea Babes-Bolyai

Date: January 2017


This economic crisis has affected the stability of EMU and macroeconomic stability as well. The question arising is: what are the necessary measures to ensure its stability and growth? Otherwise, a weakened EMU will affect all the European countries, as well as the European Union itself.

Also, the success of implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy depends on this Economic and Monetary Union` s stability and prosperity.

There is a report, named “Towards a Genuine Economic and Monetary Union”, written by the President of the European Council, stating that national policies should be created considering the realities in the other member states, as well as following the recommendations of the European Union: “Maintaining an appropriate level of competitiveness, coordination and convergence to ensure sustainable growth without large imbalances is essential.” (The President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, June 2012).


The aforementioned report has a vision of 4 pillars which will strengthen the EMU:

  • Integrated financial framework for financial stability
  • Integrated budgetary framework for healthy fiscal policy making
  • Integrated economic policy framework
  • “Ensuring the necessary democratic legitimacy and accountability of decision-making within the EMU, based on the joint exercise of sovereignty for common policies and solidarity.” (idem)

All those pillars (“building blocks”) also imply special attention to tax policy at a national and EU level.

Those pillars will be discussed and debated during a workshop day, with the aim of identifying concrete measures and possible scenarios if not applied for national economies, as well as the European Union. The main focus of this workshop is to analyze, compare and debate the effects of those 4 pillars from two perspectives: taxation and euro.

The workshop will last around 6 hours with 20 minutes breaks between sessions, and there is the possibility to have 2 sessions happening at the same time in different seminar rooms.

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