Trends in EU Taxation and Tax Policy

WHEN: 07.04.2017
WHERE: Facultatea de Business
7 Horea Street
+4 0264 599170

This event will consist of a round table debate on three main issues:

  • The evolution throughout the last decade of taxation indicators, such as: VAT, corporate taxes, labour taxes, environmental taxes, recurrent taxes on immovable properties, property tax etc.
  • Main directives/ regulations on EU tax policy
  • The impact of taxation at the level of national economies and the EU as a whole (presentation of certain case studies and scenarios on different possible harmonization regulations regarding companies/ corporations with investments abroad).

The round table debate will be organized as a half-day event. The guest speakers will each have an input statement of 10 – 15 minutes. The moderator of the event will then open the floor for debates on the issues presented.

The debate will be open to students, teachers of different specializations and professional groups, including companies.

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